Experiments in music production

Over the last year I’ve been learning music production. I’ve played various instruments before and have some background in audio. I used to DJ a bit and ran audio for various theatre and dance productions. This year I decided to focus on learning audio production. My friend Ariah set up a studio at his place and we've been recording there for the most part. I wrote more about learning music production here: One Year Of Learning Music Production

These are the songs I've worked on:

Let It Go Remix

This is the first full song I've released! It's a remix of Ariah's song, Let It Go. I kept the orginal vocal but created the beat and the other instruments. This is also the first song I've mixed and mastered myself. You can listen to the original song here:

Ian Smith · Let It Go Remix

Lost In Vein

This is the first track I worked on that's published! It's the second track on Ariah's EP, "This Is Me, This Is Us". I worked on the drums and had an early idea for the piano part. Ariah took the original idea and ran with it – playing and adding to the piano, singing the vocals, and adding in many other details. You can find links to all the streaming services and the full EP here:


  • Ableton Live
  • Komplete Kontrol M32
  • Akai MPD18
  • 15” MacBook Pro