Ikea Shelf Monitor Stand

Monitor Stand

While this is one of the simplest things I’ve made it’s also one of my favourites. All you need is a shelf or any other board cut to the correct size and access to a 3D printer. There are online services you can order 3D printed objects from if you don’t have access to a printer yourself. The advantage to using the Ikea shelf as I did is that it comes the perfect size and is already finished. Living in the city with easier access to Ikea than a workshop this is very convenient. If you do have a shop you could make the top out of anything you like.

Monitor Stand 3D Model

Here’s the self I ordered from ikea: Ikea SVALNÄS Shelf. While waiting for it to ship I modeled some feet in Fusion360. My main requirements were that the stand has to hold my 27 inch monitor and it has to fit my midi keyboard underneath. I’ve uploaded the models for the feet on Printables.

Monitor Stand Feet

Once you have the feet printed and have the top all you’ll need is a drill and some screws. Set each foot in place and mark the holes. Then carefully pre-drill about halfway through the shelf. The Ikea shelf is particularly soft, it may even be somewhat hollow. You’ll want to make sure you don’t accidentally drill all the way through. I wrapped some painters tape around the drill bit to mark the depth. Once you have the holes drilled screw the feet into place and tighten by hand. The screws are only there to hold the feet in place and don’t actually take any weight so no need to over tighten them.

Monitor Stand Foot



Monitor Stand Complete

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